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I make music and argue about American pop culture. If you enjoy either of those things click here to learn more about me.

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Here you can listen to my music. I hope you like it. If you don't, tell my parents because they raised me to be this way.



I honestly may not have written any blog posts. I'm not sure. You'll have to click on this link to find out. While you're there, read something?

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What can you expect from this site?

Every day, from sunrise to sunset and beyond, people interact with culture. They build it, share it, steal it, bend it, break it, reject it, often without even realizing or thinking about it.

I love this. I love that human history is so influenced by culture, and vice versa. I also love how many aspects of life that people take for granted are in fact constructs and completely arbitrary.

Culture is an interesting thing...it's tough to see sometimes, but it affects absolutely everything you do.

Also, cover photo cred goes to the man Clive Cadillo