About Me

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Who Am I?

I'm just a guy trying to have a good time.

Music gets me going in the morning and tucks me into sleep at night. I've been playing piano for 16 years, jazz piano for 12, and play guitar as well.

I love learning about American pop culture, especially pop music and how it has evolved from the 20th century to the present.

I produce all kinds of music. Brian Wilson is my musical idol, but I love everything from country/western to nu-disco and indie dance to surf punk. No matter what music I'm making, there's usually a jazz and psychedelic influence.

What now?

There's all sorts of fun stuff you can find on this site. I've got links to both my soundclouds, blog posts, and my info if you'd like to get in touch in person. The world is yours.

Take me to the river, wash me down