Want a life update? Here you go!

You haven’t heard from me in a while…

And maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe you don’t like marketing, and you wonder why I drone on and on about entrepreneurship and whatever the hell it is I write about. So you’re in luck — I’ll give you a life update instead.

Graduating From Business School

I finished my MS in Commerce. I am no longer a student, musician, and entrepreneur, so I guess I need a new tagline.

This means I need a job. Guess what? I got a job! Isn’t that great? I had my final interview via Skype when I was in Beijing.

Life on the great wall
Yeah, I was in Beijing! And Taipei, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Hanoi, Tokyo, and Kyoto…

I will be working up in NYC for Vaynermedia as an Account/Strategy Resident. Which means, I can write based on more than conjecture in the future…based on actual experience!

I had a lot of fun in the MS in Commerce program…if you want to read about my experience with that, you can head on over to the GCOM Grad Life blog. I’ve written a few posts over the past semester, and you can read a recap of the whole year pretty soon (aka after I write it).

What this means for my life

I largely started this blog to chronicle my foray into the world of marketing. Back in October, I knew very little about marketing save that it drew on culture and that I wanted to work as a marketer when I graduated. I spent this past year diving deep into marketing, and especially social media marketing, and I was rewarded with a job!

Anyone who knows me, however, will tell you I have a million interests, beyond just marketing. At one point I spoke 4 languages (now it’s closer to 1+1+.75+.5). I like to play instruments and write songs (sometimes well, sometimes ok). I like lots of music and basically all culture and how people interact with it.

I want to change this website. It’s no longer a marketing site for people who love that kind of thing (still me). I want to bring together all my diverse interests in one site so that you can hopefully step into my shoes.

This means that I’m going to be all over the place in terms of content. I may record a ton of video. I definitely hope to keep podcasting. Maybe some sort self-produced basement EP or album could surface — I don’t know. I’m just going to do whatever feels right, and hopefully my energy and excitement will make up for the many different mediums I try to use.

This makes me incredibly excited. As I move up to New York and dive deeply into working, I’m gonna use this site as an outlet for the other areas of my life. Get ready! You’re gonna see some pretty cool stuff coming soon.


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Canadian musician turned marketer and entrepreneur. Loves to improvise and think agile, in jazz, business, and life. Is handsome as heck, at least according to his favorite aunt.

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