Hear My Music!

I’ve loved music since I started playing the piano 14 years ago. Now, I run my own Jazz Piano and DJ businesses, have fronted a rock band playing an original song, have arranged and sung pieces played in my UVA Jazz Combos, and have uploaded dozens of remixes and original songs to Soundcloud.

Listen to me play!

I performed my original song, “Sure Ain’t Getting to Me,” at Boylan Heights in Charlottesville, VA in December, 2015.


Here is a video of me playing piano on “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5 in the spring of 2013. I helped arrange the piano, guitar, and horn parts, as well as the song itself — listen to my solo at 2:38!


I also have been producing electronic music for almost five years. My soundcloud features several remixes and originals; go to my account, or listen to one of my most recent!